The Chaeli Campaign

The Chaeli Campaign is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to mobilise the minds and bodies of differently-abled children and normalise society through advocacy and education programmes that focus on the inclusion of children with disabilities while fostering a new way
of viewing ability. Established in 2004, The Chaeli Campaign stemmed from five girls’ desire to raise money for Chaeli’s motorised wheelchair.


For Chaeli, this wheelchair opened up a whole realm of independence and her sister and friends were determined to make this happen. In just seven weeks, the five girls reached their goal and raised R20,000.00 needed for Chaeli’s wheelchair.


What started out as a means of meeting one individual’s needs has now expanded into 16 years of providing a wide range of products and services to differently-abled children, their families and their communities.


Chaeli Mycroft, an internationally acknowledged ability activist, is the face of The Chaeli Campaign. She has received a number of international awards including the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2011 and the World of Children Youth Award in 2013.


Disability knows no cultural, socio-economic or geographical boundaries

and The Chaeli Campaign is at the forefront of challenging perceptions

and attitudes through fighting for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Who is Chaeli?

Michaela Cecile Mycroft is an Ability Activist and Adaptive Athlete.


Born in Cape Town on 30 August 1994, Chaeli graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2015 with majors in Politics and Social Development. In December 2016, she gained her Honours in Social Policy and Management and completed an MPhil degree in Human Rights Law in January 2019.


With a number of awards to her name and accomplishments such as being the first female quadriplegic to summit Mt Kilimanjaro (2015),

no challenge is too big for this adventurer.

With a belief that teamwork can accomplish anything and a belief in

living a full and rich life, this conqueror of limitations is constantly seeking new ways

of overcoming perceived barriers and boundaries.

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